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Hey Everyone!

Just made this page so that it’s easier to find any posts you might want to re-read or laugh at with your m8s. The archive feature was a bit messy for my liking so I rolled out with this little page. Below are all the posts so far, starting with the first one (Obviously):

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Imagine if You Actually Made it Though?


The Penny Never Dropped

Let’s Talk About Suicide

A Difficult Choice


Why God is Real But Irrelevant 


The Fatal Flaw in Irish Sport

The End is Nigh…ish

Flying with Daragh

Summertime Sadness

‘Hey, look how many likes I got?’

We’ve Got It Pretty Easy


Angels and Demons

So I Had This Dream: The Zombie One

Hangovers with Daragh


No Post On Sundays

It’s Just A Game Anyway

Bad Days

You Have 1 New Voice Message


If The Bank’s Closed So Am I

Losing Sucks

“World” Presidential Election

Suicide is Killing Us

Fight Against Suicide: The Story So Far

Lost Generation

2017, Is It?

Soft Generation

Survival of the Fittest

Vain Generation


Mental Illness is Mental Illness

Exploring Death with Daragh

Stop Chasing People

Time Isn’t Real, Bro

Am I Depressed? Or Do I Just Want to Be?

Chess & Checkers

Death: The Scariest and Most Liberating Thing You Can Think About

Life Worth Living

The Age of Terrorism

The World We Live In

Festivals Abroad: The Pros and Cons

A Friend’s Life

The Price of Excellence

Next Episode

The Roots of our Evil

Good Intentions

iPhone Addiction

My Life in my Own Hands

Cost of Repeal: The Negative Effects of the Abortion Referendum

Family Values

Why it’s Awkward to be a Straight Guy Right Now

Equality For All

Homecoming Vibes

New Year, New Bullshit

Tell Me I’m Amazing

This Isn’t Racist; You Are

Curb Your Judgement

I Talked To God About Suicide

Why the Pro-Choice Movement is Convincing Me to Vote No

Kilogram Faeries

The #VillainTheory and Emotional Intelligence

Being Social with Social Anxiety

‘I Don’t Want A Relationship’