Being Insecure and Linguistic Relativity

I take it all in. I can’t help it. You probably can’t either. I absorb it all. I hear how people talk about me, be it good or bad. I pick up on how you feel towards me. I notice the small subtleties of how you treat everyone slightly differently based on your unique relationship… Continue reading Being Insecure and Linguistic Relativity


‘There’s Nothing Wrong, I’m Just in a Bad Mood’

Recently I’ve been thinking about how easy it is to fall into a rut or bad mood, and how suddenly you might realize you’ve been in shit form for like 3 or 4 days. I was wondering why it happens though. Like, why can any of us be in a generally terrible mood for a… Continue reading ‘There’s Nothing Wrong, I’m Just in a Bad Mood’

The #VillainTheory and Emotional Intelligence

There’s been a few thoughts floating around my head the last week or so. At first I thought they were completely independent but I realized pretty quickly that they’re connected. I’ll explain both of them briefly anyway and we’ll go from there. If you follow me on Twitter (@DaraghFleming) you might have noticed that I… Continue reading The #VillainTheory and Emotional Intelligence

Death: The Scariest and Most Liberating Thing You Can Think About

The last time I addressed this topic I wasn't exactly serious. I skimmed over it. I was lighthearted about the whole idea. Recently, on Wednesday I think, I really thought about death. Like really thought about it. I'm not sure what spurred on that thought pattern. Maybe it was what happened in Manchester earlier this… Continue reading Death: The Scariest and Most Liberating Thing You Can Think About

Exploring Death with Daragh

Ever have a good, long think about death? Did it scare you to the very core of your being? Every now and then I have this thought, usually in bed, and it's interesting how much it terrifies me. Death; quite the inconvenience, really. Let's delve into the semantics first. I think the foundation here is… Continue reading Exploring Death with Daragh

So I Had This Dream: The Zombie One

This seemed like a good idea. I mean it's not like I couldn't think of anything to write so I panicked and did this, I'm not that desperate for attention.... Okay, so I had this dream last week. I'll just describe it and then, maybe if you're lucky, I'll explain why afterwards, so behave. It… Continue reading So I Had This Dream: The Zombie One