good kid, f.a.i.r city: 9 months in Dubland

I haven’t really lived in Dublin that long. It kinda feels like I only moved up a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m two days from moving home. It definitely went way too quick. Sometimes you can be so focused on the future, on what’s coming next, on the next step, that you can… Continue reading good kid, f.a.i.r city: 9 months in Dubland


Homecoming Vibes

Up until last Tuesday, I hadn’t been home in about 2 and a half months. The last time was at the start of October. I’ve been staying busy, what’s a fella to do? It did get me thinking though about my favorite part of being away from home. You know that feeling you get, when… Continue reading Homecoming Vibes

Next Episode

You ever finish a season of a tv show, so that the next episode you watch is the first episode of the new season? Of course you have we’re literally all obsessed with tv. Ever notice that when that happens there’s always an undefined time lapse between the end of last season, and the beginning… Continue reading Next Episode

A Friend’s Life

I was 17. My friend was 18, just a year older. I was innocent and ignorant, E carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. We were friends but came from very different backgrounds. I had it pretty easy, I had the family situation locked-down. E had it worse, he struggled from birth. A… Continue reading A Friend’s Life

Festivals Abroad: The Pros and Cons

Festivals are absolutely incredible. At festivals you can find all walks of life, in any circumstances at any time. If you're from Ireland at a festival, you're almost guaranteed to find someone you know from home too. In my abundant, 5 whole years of adult life, I've gotten around to a few. I've gotten to… Continue reading Festivals Abroad: The Pros and Cons

Death: The Scariest and Most Liberating Thing You Can Think About

The last time I addressed this topic I wasn't exactly serious. I skimmed over it. I was lighthearted about the whole idea. Recently, on Wednesday I think, I really thought about death. Like really thought about it. I'm not sure what spurred on that thought pattern. Maybe it was what happened in Manchester earlier this… Continue reading Death: The Scariest and Most Liberating Thing You Can Think About


Today, I’m staring down the very last week of college. It feels like I finished secondary school only last year, so you’ll excuse me if I’m absolutely terrified at how fast three years has gone by. Still, as things come to a close, it’s hard to not look back over everything that’s happened up until… Continue reading Nostalgia