“We save our nice words for the funerals”

Everyone seems to care about mental health now.

Is it a social trend now?

Hashtag Mental Health, look we got some new friends now.

Most don’t get what mental illness entails,

How the mind unfurls.

How misguided thoughts bring darkness to your whole world.

Do you even know anyone with schizophrenia?

People talk about mental illness like they care, but if you get a bad dose then they’ll rarely be a friend to ya.

We stand up for mental health,

And say it like we mean it.

But our true colours show when it starts to become an inconvenience.

Social climbers claim depression just to use it as a step.

Mistaking social pity as some form of real respect.

Some of us who feel sad for a few days self diagnose our own depression,

Using limited resources for first world problems? Now your integrity’s in question.

My issue isn’t with you, it’s with this narcissistic culture that we’ve built.

Everyone claims to care, but very few ever prove they give a shit.

Instead we post pictures of our bodies just to try to appeal

To people we don’t know, to try and gain approval.

We never tell anyone how they make us feel.

We leave it far too late and so we have to save our nice words for the funerals.


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