The Difference Between Self-Pity and Mental Illness

I’ve talked before about getting anxiety. I get anxious sometimes. I’m not saying I’ve an anxiety disorder, that’s different. I’m saying I get anxiety. I get a normal human emotion. So do you, no doubt. Sometimes it can be excessive and debilitating, but that doesn’t mean it’s a diagnosed disorder. I feel like people forget that.

I don’t care about a lot of things. Well I do, but there’s very little that I care about as much as peoples’ mental health. This is for a number or reasons, namely personal experience and personal interest. I want people to be okay mentally, I really do. But I also want people to learn to be a bit more resilient, and understand that a bad day, week, month, doesn’t equate to a bad life. Day-to-day mental issues, such as anxiety for example, are 1st world luxuries. It may seem harsh to say but it’s true. Our lives are so comfortable and planned out and safe, that we have the mental freedom to become depressed and anxious. I’m not saying this is true for every case of depression or AD, not at all. But for the cases where we equate normal anxiety to a disorder, or a natural low-emotive period to depression, this is merely a symptom of first world privilege combined with a very unhealthy societal need for attention.

Our need for social attention has become such an issue that our self-esteem depends on our numbers of likes, followers and views. We feel bad if don’t get the right amount of likes. People pay for followers so that others will think they’re popular. We live in an era where our primary sources of self-esteem and confidence come from external affirmation. This ‘I need to be liked by everyone’ attitude is the reason most of us will never be fully happy.

Here’s a fact: no matter what you do, how you do it, or why, there will never be a point where everyone likes you. If you’re the nicest person on Earth, someone will complain about the fact that you’re too nice. It’s just a part of being human, you can’t be liked by everyone, and so you shouldn’t feel like you should be. You should however, be your biggest fan, your own biggest supporter. Life can be tough enough, with people slandering and gossiping about each other on the daily. Some people won’t like you, fair enough. What’s fundamental is that you aren’t one of these people.

Understand the difference between anxiety and a disorder. Understand the difference between sadness and depression. If you don’t know the difference then educate yourself. Find your tribe. Love your tribe, and love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye.



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