good kid, f.a.i.r city: 9 months in Dubland

I haven’t really lived in Dublin that long. It kinda feels like I only moved up a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m two days from moving home. It definitely went way too quick. Sometimes you can be so focused on the future, on what’s coming next, on the next step, that you can forget to appreciate and understand what’s happening in the right now. Mostly, I try to stay present but it’s not easy and things can happen and be over before I know it. I suppose this is just me trying to re-cap and try to appreciate the last 9 months.

Dubland was just a place I’d never really been to properly before I lived here. It was just a notion, a place I was aware of and came to every now and then to play ball and go straight home. There’s a lot about it that I appreciate now though. Spice-bags, the word ‘scaldy’, the way it actually feels like a city, the food. There’s a lot going on. For me though, a place is only as good as its people, and that is by far, the most important part of my life in Dublin. I met a lot of absolutely incredible people. As in, there’s an insane amount of #sound lad and ladies all over the place. It’s weird, we rarely just flat out tell people we appreciate them. It doesn’t really happen. It’s weird because it’s the people we’re with that determine whether we’re having a good time or a bad time when it comes down to it.

I think we’re almost designed to resent change, in any form that it comes in. I remember being reluctant about moving here in the first place, because it meant the life I had at that point was ending. Now, I feel the exact same way in reverse, because my life up here is about to end. That’s not to say I’m not excited about going home, of course I am. What I’m saying is, there’s a part of me that’s sad because this part of my life is over, and even if I do end up back here for a job, it’ll never be exactly as it is now because it won’t be the first time. There are subtle, unexplainable, details that make every experience unique. On top of that, as time moves forward, everyone changes and moves on so it’s unlikely that everything will remain the same as it was.

This might sound quite negative, but this isn’t inherently true. All I’ve done is describe the transition period of life, and this happens to everyone at some stage. And so, although at the time, it seems like everything is changing, and that’s strange, it nearly always works out for the best.

To end, another chapter is over. I vocalised this on Insta yesterday but just to repeat, thanks to everyone who changed Dublin from a place I had to be to a place I wanted to be. This goes for, the fellas I lived with, my team (both DCU and UCD lol), the work crew, the non-work crew, ANYONE who went for pints, anyone who made me laugh. Basically, anyone I met in Dublin, whether it was good or bad, you still helped make this year what it was. Dublin will never be home, but it’s a pretty good alternative



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