A Light in the Dark: Talk About Suicide

I write about suicide a lot. You’ve probably noticed this. I purposely bring it up. I talk about it a lot, I write about it. I make it a topic to talk about. There’s a reason. I kinda want it to become the case that you read about it so much that, it becomes less uncomfortable to talk about. It’s a difficult one to talk about, there’s no doubt there. We’re uncomfortable with death in general, but at least normal death feels natural. There’s something more sinister about suicide and I honestly get that.

Still, we get so caught up with our own lives, our own worries, our own ideals and agendas. WE focus on work and life and politics. We get swept up by campaigns and the rest of the world so often, that we forget that right now, even right NOW, someone else’s world is ending by their own hand. There is someone right now that feels like ending it all. Fuck there’s probably thousands. There’s people out there that can’t worry about their social media timelines because they’re worrying about how they’ll eventually kill themselves. This is an uncomfortable thought to have, and an even harder reality to accept, but it is true.

I’m not trying to tell you to not worry, or focus, on all the complexities of your life, because that is what life is, and you need to live that. What I’m saying is, try and realize that some of the things we mark as ‘important’, aren’t. We’re so quick to attack one another today, that it makes me wonder if the world is too volatile for someone in real trouble to ask for help. Today, men attack women for just wanting to be equal. Women attack men because of a societal dominance that was unplanned, and remains uncontrolled. We all berate one another for being different. We nit-pick at the things that divide us, which only makes us angrier and less likely to try and understand what it’s like for the other side. At the same time all of this is happening, people are taking their own lives, and sometimes it feels like we’re all too distracted by the sound and fury to even be able to realise when someone else is asking us for help.

Maybe we prioritize the wrong things sometimes. Maybe we need to step-back and understand that sometimes berating a feminist, or lad-culture, or the church, is less important than taking the time to ask a friend if they’re doing ok. After all, if your friend kills themselves, they take a massive chunk of you with them.

Darkness into Light is tomorrow, and so I said I’d write this now. I’ll be honest, I was going to write a piece this Sunday, some negative piece about feminism. But what’s the point? All that does is make people angry and it makes me even more negative. Instead I’m asking a favour. The next time you feel yourself getting frustrated or angry about something (maybe someone rubbed you the wrong way about the upcoming referendum) instead of roasting someone on Twitter with an angry paragraph, use that passion and energy to make sure one of your friends is doing alright. A quick text, and all of a sudden, two people feel better.

I’d also ask that if you can, make it to a Darkness Into Light walk tonight/tomorrow morning, and failing that send 2 euro to Pieta by texting SUPPORT to 50300.

And, above all, make sure your mental health is doing ok. People wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t exist.


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