‘You Know This Person’

Right now you know someone. You know someone who has everthing going for them. You know someone who succeeds at school. Who succeeds at playing sport. You know someone who everybody seems to know, or have heard of. You know someone who has ‘everything going for them.’

You know someone who is handsome, or pretty. You know someone who is admired and loved by everyone. You know someone who’s reputation seems so impossibly good that you are jealous.

You know this person.

Now, imagine this person hated themself. Imagine this person doesn’t understand their own presence. Consider that they don’t feel how you perceive them. Imagine, being in a position where the majority of people admire you but your own brain forces you to believe that nobody likes you for real.

You know a person who is like this, yet you don’t know it. How could you know any different? It’s impossible. You can’t perceive the falsehood of a vulnerable person, when they have a confident outward persona. We all assume that what we see it what is true. But in reality, you know someone who is confident but not sure. You know someone who seems to have everything together but at the same time, is falling apart.

Let me be clear. Be you. Do your thing. But undertand that when you’re experiencing the good times and feeling great, there are some people who are experiencing it and feeling awful. Just be sound. Be unbelievably sound. Whether you’re on an absolute buzz, or are completely collapsing, you can always control how you treat the people around you. I guarantee that every single person who reads this knows someone in their life that is struggling in a real way, but show no outward signs of it. They hide it. They struggle behind a smile. That’s why I think it’s fucking pivotal that we stop being pricks to others for the sake of pettiness, or status, or to fit in.

You know someone who’s struggling. I may have even described you. In either case, always look out for yourself, always makes yourself #1 priority. The important thing to remember is that you can prioritize yourself and not be an absolute piece of shit at the same time.


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