Curb Your Judgement

I was getting the train home from Dublin on Friday, 1 o’clock job, handy out. It was mad busy so all the seats around me quickly filled up. I had the earphones in, not necessarily playing anything. I was just using them as a deterent for anyone trying to talk to me, you know the craic.

Anyway, these 5 people ended up sitting across from me. Quite Americanised-Irish people, three guys and 2 girls. They were all 6/7 years older than me, maybe more. They were quite alternative, drinking coconut water, were very into gaming, Star Wars, role-playing, Dungeon and Dragons etc. You know the type of person I’m talking about, you probably know a few no doubt.

I got angrynat myself then. I got angry because I straight up, automatically judged the fuck out of these people. I intuitively thought they were weird because they were different to me. I thought I was better than them, juat because I preferred how I lived, compared to how they did, based only on this very brief encounter. I caught myself being a judgmental fuck-wit and it annoyed me.

It also made me think about how common and ‘normal’ it is for us to judge anything that’s different to us as ‘less than’. We do it so often that we don’t normally notice how irrational it is to think that way. I suppose I was just lucky enough to be in a mindful place on the train that I was able to check my judgement. Bit of a random one but maybe try catch yourself judging someone the next time and consider why the fuck your brain went in that negative direction?


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