Tell Me I’m Amazing


I’ll be honest, I can’t remember when I wrote this. Seems pretty dope though so give it a lash. Pure artistic and trippy.

If you worship the ground I walk on it makes it difficult for me to know where to step next.

This overwhelming admiration makes it hard for me to be able to catch my next breath.

Tell me I’m amazing,

And watch me start to self obsess.

Watch this arrogant streak become a cocky stain on my soul

You can’t remain humble when your ego is this swole

Tell me I’m the most goodlooking thing you’ve ever seen so that I learn to value physical appearance over traits of personality.

Tell me I could have any person now and I’d believe it, and I’ll start to not give a fuck about any of these hearts I keep stealing.

Put me on this pedastel, get my head in the clouds, so that my self-esteem would shatter if I ever fell down.

Tell me that I have everything I could have ever wanted in life so that for every sad feeling I get, I feel guilty times twice.

Worship the ground I walk on and I’ll have nowhere else to stand

So even when I have nowhere to go next, I’ll always tell you ‘I’m grand’

You think so much of me that I’m terrified to burst your little bubble

I’m so afraid to disappoint you that I’d never tell you if I was in trouble.


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