New Year, New Bullshit

Things Numpties say on January 1st:

New Year New Me’

‘Absolutely smashed my goals in 2017 and am ready to take on 2018, bring it on!’

‘2018 is my year, wait and see #Haters’

‘I didn’t lose a lot of friends in 2017, I just found out who the real ones are, onwards and upwards in 2018’


If you just got annoyed by those, them I’m afraid to tell you’re an absolute eejit of a young fella/one. You surely already know this, but the calendar year is a man-made concept. It was created in order to track the passing of time, for economic reasons, and initially to farm appropriately. All that really happens tomorrow at midnight is that the made-up day that is Sunday transitions into the made-up day that Monday. That’s it. There’s no almighty event that happens. It’s literally just another 24 hour period ticking over.

Which brings me to my point, I don’t understand new years resolutions. It was probably an idea generated by a capitalist agenda to get folks spending money in January. Like, what’s so important about this time of year that gets people questioning their whole shit, and trying to make massive, extravagant promises to change? Nobody even questions why this stuff happens on January 1st? We all just take a picture, add a shit, cringy insta caption and flake it up online, just to massage our egos and boost the ol’ self-esteem.

‘New Year, New Me’ what the fuck is that even supposed to mean? You’re hardly gonna attempt to change yourself so drastically that you’ll be unrecognizable to people who’d swear they know you? Absolutely ridiculous.

It freaks me out that we’ve been brainwashed to question ourselves as individuals on the same on the same day every year. All I’m gonna do is keep pushing forwards, keep the steady pace going. No need for outlandish promises, no need to try and change everything. No need for new bullshit.

Just dig in and keep on swimming. And also continue to appreciate the people who appreciate you, you pricks.

Happy Monday, y’all.


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