Homecoming Vibes

Up until last Tuesday, I hadn’t been home in about 2 and a half months. The last time was at the start of October. I’ve been staying busy, what’s a fella to do? It did get me thinking though about my favorite part of being away from home.

You know that feeling you get, when you haven’t seen your favorite people in ages, and then you see them, and there’s a huge rush of adrenaline, and you get mad excited? Endorphins start popping off all over the shop in your brain? For that short moment you don’t focus on anything else besides what’s happening right now, it’s a moment of pure fucking joy. That’s the best part about being away from home, you get to have that feeling every single time you come home. If you could capture that moment and put it into a pill you have a cure for prolonged sadness right there.

I’m excited for that feeling. I’m excited to see the fam, and the boys, and the fucking crew. And that’s just coming from a fella who lived 3 hours away for 3 months. Imagine the amount of people coming home for Christmas after being away for years. They’re about to reach Nirvana-levels of buzz-itude.

The best thing about Christmas is all those warm, positive vibes that float around the place. You’re alot more likely to throw someone a hug rather than a handshake at this time of year, and that’s fucking class. Especially with 2017 being the shitstorm that it was, make the most of the positive feels this time around, I know I’m pumped about it anyway!


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