Why it’s Awkward to be a Straight Guy Right Now

It’s kind of uncomfortable to be a straight guy right now. There’s a weird sentence. It’s also a very true sentence. In fairness, we’re not being represented in the media very well of late, with countless celebs being unmasked as abusers, perverts, and just generally being assholes. But their behaviour doesn’t represent my behaviour, or the majority of straight guys’ behaviour, even though that’s the impression I’m getting.

There’s a lot of examples of straight men being offensive to women, or to the LGBT community. Sure recently, didn’t McGregor only go and use the word ‘faggot’ aggressively and offend thousands. That’s only one example of hundreds. What seems weird to me is that, you never hear much examples of the reverse. You never hear any examples of men being belittled by women, or being mocked by members of the LGBT community, but it does happen. In the last 6 weeks, for example, I’ve been called a ‘fuck-boy’ on 3 different occasions by gay men, based exclusively on what I was wearing, and what drink I was drinking. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I chose not to be offended by that (BTW we can actually do that) because it’s just a word and words only have the power we give them. The reason I bring it up here is to illustrate the idea that offensive shit is said to men on the daily too, it’s just not made a big deal out of I guess.

(Just a note on the word ‘faggot’. I don’t use the word anymore, but I did used to use it growing up. However, I never once used it to refer to someone’s sexuality. To me that word had nothing to do with being gay, it was just a funny word. Bit of a weird one how that turned out.)

Regardless of that, it’s difficult to have a discussion about anything today as a straight man. This is because every time I open my mouth, there’s already prejudice. There’s already a pre-conceived notion that I’m a sexist, arrogant, privileged straight guy.. Therefore anything said as a straight man is disvalued and invalidated to an extent, because of the growing schema that all straight men are like the ones who abuse, and rape, and are awful humans.

The point I’m trying to make here is that, it’s tough to be a straight man because we’re being painted as the villains in the narrative right now. Again, some of us are the fucking villains, but a lot of us are not. A lot of us are just trying to get along and not be ridiculed for being straight and male. I’ll hold my hands up and say, some lads are making that very fucking difficult by heckling women coming out of shops and all that carry on, but the prejudice that is derived from those situations isn’t cool either.

Just a few thoughts I had this morning. Being made to feel guilty because you exist is a strange feeling, but that’s been happening to various groups throughout history. As I said, it’s a strange time to be alive.


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