Family Values

Everything I am is a product of where I’m from.

Not just in the sense of location,

But rather where I feel at home.

My family, my friends;

The people I adore.

Things I never seem to tell them,

Feelings I choose to ignore.

My father, the strongest man I’ve ever known.

The most humble king to ever sit upon the throne.

My mother, has cherished me since my birth

This women is living proof that angels walk upon the Earth.

My brothers, ambition flows through their veins

It is my greatest honour,

To say we share a family name.

My closest friends;

The family I got to choose.

For you I swear,

There’s nothing I would not do.

Life is nothing without the people you share it with.

Without people, there is no you.

So although life can get tough sometimes

Through adversity we find our truth

There are things we all feel, things we all want to say, and usually it’s too late by the time we get around to saying them. In light of the last five years, and in light of the things that have happened just this week: Don’t wait. Say what you want to say. Tell your friends and family what they mean to you, because that could really be the difference in them being here to smile back at you tomorrow, or them being gone forever.


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