iPhone Addiction

We live in a time of iPhone addiction. It’s hard to swallow but it’s true. The purpose of online life is for me to compare myself to you. So now, if I don’t have as much followers, it somehow equates to my life being hollower? It somehow means that my social value isn’t equal to yours, even though when people hang out with you they always seem to get bored? Because you’re always, and I mean ALWAYS on your phone, taking snaps of how good life is ‘coz you’re scared to be alone. Updating your story like every 30 seconds. Yeah you were at the concert, but you didn’t even hear it I reckon?

People strive to be Instagram famous, because deep inside we’re all afraid to die nameless. Speaking of Instagram, it’s more destructive then it seems, we depend on each like for a boost in self-esteem. I’ve seen people take down posts because it didn’t get enough likes, only to put on extra filters and  repost that shit later on tonight. A few extra likes, a little more attention, all of us afraid to admit our habits are unhealthy.

All that matters to us is our online personas. On Facebook you have 3,000 friends, in reality you’re a loner. It’s a competition to see who’s life is the best, to see how many we can beat. That’s why I’ll saying ANYTHING coz I’m desperate for a re-tweet. That’s why I’ll post anything just to get my follower count to go up, because these days self-love just isn’t enough. It’s not enough to be happy within yourself? ‘Nah bro I gotta get the same love from everyone else’. I need everyone to know that their life isn’t as good as mine. So I’ll add these hashtags and filters just so they can see just how much I shine.

You’ll post a real nice picture saying you had the ‘best night’. Yet nobody will know you went home wishing you’d die. Nobody will know how much of an affect it could have, if you don’t get enough double-taps from the girls and the lads. See everyone today, to their phones they are addicted. I can’t leave the house without mine; it’s a sickness. And you can say, ‘No it’s just a bit of fun, nothing else’ but ask yourself what this shit does to your mental health?

If you have something in your life that you can’t go an hour with out, you have an addiction my man, of that there’s no doubt. It’s scary to think, that day-to day happiness depends, on how many likes you can get? How many followers? Friends?

If you think you’re better than, because so many people follow you, loneliness in real-life is bound to follow soon.

If you base your self-esteem off the number of likes, what the fuck are you gonna do if the internet dies tonight?

Will you get withdrawals? after all, you’re addicted to a drug.

Will real life for you even be enough?

Will you be ok without all the fake love?

Will you be able to deal with the fact that your social media profiles meant nothing at all, and depending on them for your mental well-being was the start of your downfall?

We live in a time of iPhone, smartphone, internet addiction. Some people get addicted to drugs: but we’re addicted to attention.


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