Next Episode

You ever finish a season of a tv show, so that the next episode you watch is the first episode of the new season? Of course you have we’re literally all obsessed with tv. Ever notice that when that happens there’s always an undefined time lapse between the end of last season, and the beginning of the new one? Like, we know some time has passed but can never be sure how long. The main character might have grown out a beard, or just aged in a very obvious way. Or else  there’s like a massive life change, like they had a baby, or got married or something? Basically, we know some shit has gone down since the end of last season and we have to try to fill in the blanks.

As you read this, I’m pretty sure my life has just transitioned over to that next episode (Na-da-da-da-da) . It’s a new season and it’s episode one. The reason for this is that if you take my life now and compare it to where I was last week, things have changed dramatically. I don’t live at home anymore, I live in Dublin. My brother is away at sea again. I left my job to do a Masters. My other brother is gone to Galway for college and I don’t ball for Fr. Mathew’s anymore. The whole thing just got flipped on its head.

Like you would be with any new season of your favourite tv show, I’m excited yet apprehensive about the whole situation. I’m excited because, if binge watching tv has taught me anything, it’s that as the seasons progress over time, the show generally gets way more entertaining as it goes on. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all good times or all bad times, it just means things are more complex and enjoyable. Secondly, I’m apprehensive. Again, if tv has taught me anything it’s that, a show can make a step in the wrong direction once in a while. They can re-cast key players, get a new director in, change up the plot-line and all of a sudden, your favourite show is abandoned because ‘Season 4 just wasn’t the same’. So in the same way that a new season can get you pumped up, it can also make you question why last season had to end in the first place.

There’s also another factor to consider. IF it really is your FAVOURITE show, then you’re gonna appreciate and love the new season no matter what way it goes, or how it’s drawn out. For example, no matter what shit they try to do, I will always love every-single Spiderman movie ever made, even if the rest of the world hates them, it’s just one of those things. So if you think of your life as your favourite tv show or movie, good or bad, you’ll probably appreciate just having the opportunity to experience it in the first place. (At least that’s the hope).

So what are the take-away messages from this post? Well the main one is that change is both exciting and scary, but is always worth it. Secondly, if you need me for anything from here on in, I’m probably in Dublin lol.

And probably most important of all: I’m definitely watching way too much television.



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