The Price of Excellence

I read something before, it was a tweet actually, and it read ‘The price of excellence is discipline’. I’ve no doubt some famous person of importance originally said it and fair play to him/her. Either way, this idea has stuck in my mind ever since.

I know of, and know personally, a lot of successful people. Sure jaysus, sometimes I’m even one of them. I think sometimes though, we assume that successful people just fall into success. That their situations were just right and the timing was perfect and it just happened to them. Maybe that’s true for some but for the vast majority of every successful person, they had to work their asses of to get to where they are now.

There’s no secret, or trick to being successful. We all know how people becoming great at something. I just think a lot of us aren’t willing to pay the price for success. This applies to any aspect of life too, whether it’s your career or exercise or sport; literally anything. Success is determined by how disciplined you are and I firmly believe that.

Discipline is tough though. Discipline to me, is daily, ritual, mind-numbing sacrifice. Discipline is getting up when you’re supposed to, and eating what you’re meant to. It’s 100% focus in everything you do and it’s the extra effort you put into each task. Discipline is deciding not to go out tonight so you can work better tomorrow. If you’ve ever been in the presence of someone truly disciplined you’ll realise that to them, there is no other option. There is no other way to live life that makes sense. You’re either in fully or you’re not in at all.

This is why people like Conor McGregor come to the top of a sport. It’s why the ‘smart’ person got 625 in the Leaving Cert. Talent only gets you so far, it’s discipline and work-ethic that makes you stand out. I’ve said before that, although you can’t teach work-ethic, you can definitely learn it. If you can be disciplined enough to continuously work at something, day after day after day, then there’s no possible way you cannot excel at it.

Personally, I think it’s far too easy for us to make excuses for why we’re not successful. ‘I’m just not as smart as her’ or ‘I’m just not athletic’. Phrases like these are so common it’s outrageous. All these are, are comforters. They make us feel better for not having achieved. We force ourselves to believe that ‘we wouldn’t have been good enough anyway’ just to make it easier to go on the drink for the night, or do nothing at all.

All of this is fine in general until people start complaining out of jealousy about the people who are getting after it. It’s fairly common to hear someone talk shit about a person who’s out there putting in the work. It’s not surprising that the individuals who are out-working everyone else are rarely talking about other people, I guess they’re too busy. To me, a sure sign of progress is when you notice people starting to ‘hate’ on you. When people begin to hate for no reason, then you must be doing something right.

To summarize my point: The price of excellence is discipline. The essence of discipline is sacrifice, and sacrifice is pointless without work-ethic. I mean what’s the point in getting up at 6am if you’re not gonna get after it?

Also, that fight was fucking EPIC.


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