The World We Live In

The sun settled down in the pinky-blue summer sky of the questionably relevant world. Another day done, another day finishing at any random point. If you were on the other side of the world of course, the day hadn’t ended and it was a bit awkward. Ever since the second coming of arrogance, nothing was actually cool to say. Nobody had the right to say anything and everything was offensive. Alas, this was the world and that’s just how things were. The opinion of man was only allowed if it were accepted by all. Indeed, mankind had actually become sheep-kind. Although there was a difference between sheep and alpha sheep, the age of wolves and sharks had all but ended, apparently.
Not long ago, mankind had declared itself more than nature and so nature-born laws were no longer acceptable. The idea of there just being males and females was intolerable and the world burst forth with dozens of different differentiations of gender, with no clear or obvious limitations or rules. There were murmurs and rumblings that the dolphins would soon follow suit.

In other walks of life, a percentage of the population deemed the killing of animals for food and clothing a crime and began to identify as ‘vegan’. Some of these vegan-ites would go on to become pro-abortion and campaign for its necessity. The irony was lost on many. The place of the average-joe straight male was lost in the world. Now that chivalry was deemed sexist and sexual attraction to the opposite sex, offensive, the straight male’s role in the world was clouded and and uncertain.

Many fought for the rights of gay couples to be allowed to marry, but nobody seemed concerned with how and when dressing room layouts in gyms and swimming pools alike would change. In the early days, dressing rooms were split based on binary gender and the idea that one sex was attracted to the other and vice versa. Now that there were well over 30 genders, and it was nearly impossible to tell who-wanted-to-sex-who, the demand for inspired dressing room developers was at an all time high.

In the east, countries were torn apart by terrorism and violence for decades. This was deemed as acceptable by the Western people until terrorism came and burst the bubble that was propped up by self indulgence and #fitfam. It became an issue shortly afterwards.

Few remembered the days where entitlement was earned and thus, deserving, rather than assumed. Those that did were deemed a burden and ‘old fashioned’ or ‘crazy’ and were hushed into the corners of society.

The world seemed a bizarre, chaotic place for sure. But as I said at the beginning, the sun still set on the horizon everyday as it always had.

At least the colours were pretty and shit.


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