Life Worth Living

I’m so excited about this event we have coming up. 8th of July in the Crane Lane. The idea was gifted to me by one of the acts now performing on the night. Back in February I was talking with Kiran on the phone and he was saying how’d he’d love to play at a charity event promoting mental health so I just told him I’d organise it and he’d plan and now here we are.

Life Worth Living. I could have called it literally any name but I decided this promoted our message in the most profound way. I have no doubt that life sucks sometimes. Life can be absolutely brutal at times. We’ve seen this over the last few weeks with the attacks in Manchester, London and Tehran. We’ve seen it here in Cork with the suicide problem peaking last winter. Through all of this, I think it’s important to remember that it is essential that we keep moving forward, we keep being positive and we remember that life is worth living, if not for ourselves then for the people who are no longer fortunate enough to be here with us, living their lives.

So in ways, this event is a celebration. We’ll have the craic, the acts we’ve picked will belt out a few tunes, and hopefully everyone will leave that place in a positive mindset, knowing that they have helped such an amazing service such as the Cork Samaritans continue to do their much needed work. 

That’s all for this week. I just wanted you to know how pumped I am and how grateful I am for your support so far and for the support to come. 



Event page:


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