Chess & Checkers

Ever been in the presence of someone who’s just on another level compared to everyone else in the room? Their natural ability, or their mind set, or just their ambition to be better is so unique compared to everyone else? Sometimes I’m this person and I’m aware of it but more often than not I’m in awe of these people. People who excel and don’t even understand that there’s any other level to work at. It’s just so natural for them to be good at something that it’s almost bizarre to them when they realise not everyone is on that wavelength.
I have the pleasure of knowing some people like this. Whether their chosen field is sport, music, or just flat out ambition. There’s people in this world whose average work rate is miles ahead of other people at their peak. It’s crazy to witness. 

These people can sometimes come across as arrogant. They can seem like they’re rubbing it in that they’re better than you at something. I don’t see it that way though. I think they’re so focused and flowing with what they’re doing that they don’t notice other people’s insecurities. Whoever you are, if you’re good at something it’s not your fault that someone else isn’t as good. I tweeted something like this the other day. It’s always important to remain humble but I hate the idea that we must tone down confidence to make everyone else comfortable. Fuck that. If you excel at something, excel at it. Don’t be arrogant, don’t brag, don’t be a dick about it. Just perform at your highest level regardless of what everyone else is doing.

We have a tendency to make other people feel bad far being good at something, for being better than we are at something. That 100% stems from insecurity. That’s why when anyone does something outside of the norm we talk shit and we laugh because it makes it easier to take that they’re succeeding and we’re not. 


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