Am I Depressed? Or Do I Just Want to Be?

Yes, yes welcome. Welcome to the reality of our situation. Are we actually depressed or do we just want to be? I’m not calling anyone else out besides myself in this one, so let’s relax and not say I’m being ‘insensitive‘.

Depression, if you really have it, is the worst thing you can ever experience while in full physical health. I believe that. I also believe that being depressed is also a hugely common thing in our society right now which also means it’s topical, which unfortunately, means it’s trendy. Depression, a serious mental illness, has become a trend. 

Two years ago a counsellor told me I had MINIOR to moderate depression and anxiety. In my mind this meant I had depression and anxiety. And this is okay. What’s not okay is that, every time I feel ‘sad’ or ‘lonely’, I automatically assume it’s because I’m now going through a period of depression.
Maybe I am. Maybe it is a period of depression. But also, maybe it’s a week that shit hasn’t gone according to plan and I’ve just ended up feeling sad because of it. I’m worried because every time someone feels sad these days it means they are depressed. As you know, sadness was a fundamental emotion before depression became an institution. It’s okay to be sad. Sadness is a perfectly natural part of life. It’s ok to be like, ‘Shit, today is not my day, I hate everyone and I hate myself‘, that happens, and I’m cool with that.

Sadness doesn’t equal depression. For our generation however, sadness, for more than one moment, DOES equal depression. This belief scares me. It scares me because no matter how much awareness and fundraising is done, you cannot convince someone that their sadness isn’t unique.

I sympathise with anyone going through depression. I have gone through periods where I thought I was depressed and I got help. I know now that I have never been severely depressed. i’ve never been to the brink. I’ve never been to that place where life seems hopeless, where death seems like the best option. I hope I’ll never be there.

I hope you’ll never be there either. I will ask though, that we stop clogging the timelines, and the actual facilities, with first world problems, and let the people who genuinely are in trouble express themselves. Let those of us who are in need of someone, be heard. It’s hard to find a needle in a haystack (Unless you have a magnet).

It’s also hard to find a genuine plea for help amidst all the complaints about day-to-day life.

Figure out the difference between a bad day and depression. It’s blunt and it is harsh, but it absolutely needs to be done.


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