Time Isn’t Real, Bro

Alright so before we get started on this I’m just gonna warn you: I’m about to go full NERD on this one. It’s gonna get all deep and existential in this bitch and I just wanted you to know before we got stuck in. MORE IMPORTANTLY, I’m not an expert and this is just how I interpreted a really complex theory of the universe so cut a guy some slack if I got some of the science wrong you fucking pricks. (Love you).
Today I’m going to be focusing mainly on time, and how it might not exist in the way we think it does. In the last week it just fell into my lap (mainly on Twitter) and then I started reading about it and then I got addicted and now I’m here. I also watched ‘Arrival’ just by complete coincidence and it actually covers one of the main theories about time that’s out there.
So basically we naturally think of time as linear. To us time is always moving forward; everything that has happened is the past, anything that will happen is the future, and anything that is happening now is (you guessed it) the present. What a classic, simple, easy-to-accept idea of time.
Unfortunately, it looks like our safe and familiar idea of time may not be the actual reality. There’s this theory, the “Block Universe” theory that’s been around since the 1920s at least. We usually picture time as being on 2D plane, moving from one end to the other. Block theory states that time is the 4th dimension of the universe, and that it’s integral in mapping out the universe we live in. This means that space and time are interconnected, and that instead of a point in time being an exact point on a line, each present moment is a co-ordinate in the space-time universe. (Yeah I was confused as well).
Essentially what this means is that all points in time, past, present and future, all co-exist at the same time in the same universe. As in, your past, present and future all happen at the same time. Time isn’t linear. It’s not moving forward. It’s a constant dimension and all of it is there all of the time, just like the length of something is always there.
At this point my brain went into overdrive. I was all like, “What the fuck science, this shit hurts my brain”. See you’re probably asking the same questions I am. If past, present and future all co-exist at the same time, then wouldn’t we experience all three at the same time. Or would we not live all our experiences simultaneously all at once? Well the answer is yes and no apparently.
One solution to this is that our brains aren’t evolved enough to be aware of all three at once. We can hold down the present easily, and what we actually call the “past” is just our memories of previous “NOW” moments, or the ‘present’ that happened before now. Nevertheless we only ever experience the present. We don’t actually experience the past we just remember it, and that may be because our brains can’t function at that level, or because this is complete bullshit and time is just the way it is.
So by now I’m absorbed by this time theory and I love it and I want to believe it’s true, and that one day humans will be this super-intelligent species that essentially time travels to different space-time co-ordinates and that we’ll be able to experience any single moment of our lives whenever we want to. (I then took a breath because that was a really long sentence). At this point I started thinking about deja-vu.
Deja-vu, that feeling you get when you feel like an experience is oddly like another one you’ve had and it feels like it’s happened before. It’s a really weird feeling because the chances are it never happened before. But then I thought about this block theory of the universe and deja-vu. What if, instead of being an eery feeling of something happening before, deja-vu is a feeling you get when you already knew this event was going to take place. If all time co-exists and we can experience all points of our lives all the time but we just aren’t evolved enough to be aware of it, what if deja-vu is the small glimpse of our ‘future‘ that we are aware of. So instead of being a feeling of ‘This
experience happened in the past‘ deja-vu is is a feeling of ‘I already knew this event was going to happen‘. (Bruh??)
Yeah man, this is a fucking crazy topic and I could go on. If you have any interest in it I’d recommend watching ‘Arrival‘. Knits this whole thing together nicely, plus there’s aliens and shit! Also, a swift google search goes a long way.

Also, scary as fuck right??


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