Stop Chasing People

Life kind of floats by. I only ever realise this when, unplanned, I catch myself on autopilot. I’m going day-in-day-out, unrelenting. Things are getting done as they should, but I’m not stopping to appreciate them, or experience anything. And then, suddenly, I stop and I look around. I stop and breathe and realise that the last 5 years are over. I’m not in school, I’m finished college and life is just happening now. It’s weird. 
I keep telling myself that ‘I just finished college a few months ago’. In reality it’s a few weeks short of a year that I finished up. I’m not trying to paint this feeling negatively or positively, because in reality it’s neither. It’s not good or bad, it’s just a feeling. I’m realising that this feeling is what life is. It’s fascinatingly mundane. 

In the wake of this realisation, it’s so clear now that everyone moves along their own path, at their own pace, in their own unique ways. Paths crossover and even look similar for a while, but in the end, they spiral off into their own distinct destinations. 
It’s become obvious recently that there is no point in chasing other people, trying to keep them in your life. If people want to be in your life they’ll be there. If they don’t, it’ll become blatantly apparent. This may never be verbalised, but an attitude of disinterest can easily manifest itself in silence and non-action. The important thing to realise is that this person’s choice to not be in your life probably has little or nothing to do with you. Opportunities arise, people move on; life gets in the way. 

Just remember, people fall in and out of your life constantly. You’ll see people on your path as you pass-by, and that’s all they’ll ever be. You may want them to be there forever, but life doesn’t swing like that. 

The people that are meant to be in your life will be there. Stop trying to control everything and keep your eye on the road ahead.


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