There’s this phrase I say a lot, mostly in a joking way or ironically or whatever. If you’ve ever spent any time at all with me, or read any of my posts, you’ll have noticed the phrase ‘Stay Blessed’. Stay Blessed. I’m pretty sure I originally heard some rapper say it (I can’t remember who now). I’ve always believed that we attach to things that have a subconscious meaning for us. It’s definitely the reason I have such love for superhero stuff (We’ll get into that bag of crazy another time). So although I usually say ‘Stay Blessed’ jokingly, somewhere deep down I probably mean it.

I’m not a religious person in any sense. Myself and God acknowledge each other with a nod and leave each other to our own business. I don’t believe in being ‘blessed’ in any religious meaning of the word. I suppose what I mean by ‘blessed’ is being grateful for what you have already. It means recognizing the good in your life and appreciating it rather than getting down about the things you don’t have. ‘Staying blessed’ for me means working daily to be grateful for every little good thing that surrounds you.

Of course, to ‘stay blessed’ you first have to recognise and be aware of the fact that you are blessed. It’s easy to get caught up in the things you don’t have, and to forget everything that already makes you happy. It’s natural to get used to things, once we have something they become normal and they don’t mean as much over time. It’s not easy to remain a constant feeling of appreciation. Fuck, it may even be impossible. Either way, I think it’s absolutely vital that we try to be grateful for as much as possible, especially in today’s instant-gratification world.

See, it’s become a normality to wake up on Monday and moan about work or school, and how shitty life is. How about wake up and be grateful for the fact that you had somewhere to sleep, or that you’re employed or that you’re getting educated, luxuries not everyone on our lonely planet get to enjoy. We’ve become so enthralled with our short-comings that we’ve left the gratitude we SHOULD have for our lives fall to the side-line.

I’m not saying I’m any different either. I’m not as grateful for most of the things in my life as I should be. The people, the things, the experiences. Many of them just happen and I never fully appreciate them in that moment. I remember a couple of years ago I was talking to a friend. We were talking about our friend group, and about how everyone had one thing that they bought to the table that others didn’t have as good. For example, one of us was a better athlete by a landslide, one was far more wealthy etc. My friend turned to me and said, “Well we both know what your is anyway”. Naturally, I didn’t know and asked what it was and he said, “Well you’ve got the family, your family just fits together perfectly”.

That conversation stuck with me for one reason. One of my friends appreciated my family more than I did. Granted he didn’t get to experience the times where my parents’ just annoyed the shit out of me, or the times where I was just a fucking nightmare for them. Nevertheless, he was right, and it’s something I’d like to think I’ve been trying to appreciate ever since. I don’t get it right all the time but sure look, at least I’m trying.

The reason I decided to share that was to give an example of ‘blessings’ that we can sometimes forget about or under-appreciate. So if you ever hear me say ‘Stay Blessed’ as a joke while I attempt to dance like Russell Westbrook just remember two little things. One, it is a joke so laugh at how damn-hiliarous I am! And two, it may also just be me trying to remind you to be grateful for what’s going on around you.

Just trying to spread the happiness fam.



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