Vain Generation

My timelines (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) used to be places of comfort. Places where everyone united together and complained about the trivial parts of life, and there was a deep sense of comradery. It was a good time, a simpler time. These days, timelines are very much used as a means to exclaim to the world that ‘my life is better than yours’. There are many versions of these statuses and updates, but none more vain and disappointing than the #FitFam trend of our little generation.

Now, before we get into this, let me just say that I think everyone should make an effort to stay in shape and be healthy. However, I also think that this should be a very personal target and goal. The whole world doesn’t need to know.

It confuses the shit out of me. I see pictures of lads and ladies alike, posing in a mirror with some sort of motivational caption explaining how good their work out that day was. I point-blank refuse to believe anyone outside of the person posting enjoys this updates. I really couldn’t give a fuck if you got a PB benching today, it really isn’t something that worries me. Don’t get me wrong, being in exceptional physical condition is insanely impressive, as in, I genuinely find it to be one of the hall-marks of a person with a high standard of self-control. It just becomes a lot less impressive when you try to shove it in someone’s face: ‘Look at me, look at how muscular and fit I am?!!’. I don’t think so buddy.

You know what is impressive? HUMILITY. To those of you who stay in shape and don’t post about it online, you have my sincerest respect. You are not vain, you are not a narcissist. You are a person who wants to be in shape for you.

Unless you get paid to post about your work-outs online (and I highly doubt half the people of Cork do), the next time you have the urge to take a picture of yourself at the gym, just don’t do it man. Put the phone down and be a little more humble. Nobody cares how much you lifted that day or how ‘pumped’ you are.

The ultimate fear is that one day, whatever created our species is gonna come down from the sky, sigh the words ‘Hashtag Fit Fam’ and end our fucking existence because we got too vain for our own good.

People who post their fitness routine online


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