Soft Generation

Recently I’ve been reading a lot online about how my generation is ‘soft‘. I’ve seen a lot of comparisons between young people now and young people in the 1930s. These comparisons show how 18 year olds back then went to war and how 18 year olds now get depressed over things like labels and political correctness and gender. 

I completely and utterly agree that we’re soft. But it’s not like we chose to be.

It’s not like people wake up and are like ‘hey I’m gonna get depressed today’. It’s not a choice. I agree that maybe we’re not as resilient as previous generations. This fact has nothing to do with us though. It has everything to do with the society we’re brought up in. Culturally we’re in a different fucking place right now. I hate the whole argument that ’18 year olds back in the 40s were going to war and ye’re sitting here crying’. There is one word that completely ends that argument and that word is fucking CONSCRIPTION. It’s not like people were eager to go to war and probably die, they were made to by their countries. If conscription were still a thing then the ‘soft‘ 18 year olds of today would also be going to war. Making a comparison between generations when there is such a massive cultural difference is completely backwards. It doesn’t make sense.

Yeah so we’re softer than other generations. We get offended by everything (and that’s fucking annoying). We do need to have a good look at ourselves and stop fucking moaning over perceived inequalities while simultaneously trying to be unique in the world (Pick one, yeah?).

It is what it is, we have to play the hand we’re dealt. 

By the way, If you are one of those people that complains about ‘young people being soft these days‘, then there’s a good chance you’re an asshole.


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