2017, Is It?

I was thinking I’d write some mushy, inspirational ‘be a better person‘ New Years post, but you’re gonna see enough of those over the next few days anyway. (Edit: In hindsight, this is exactly what I ended up doing. That’s life am I right?)
Instead, I’m gonna say don’t change, man. Remain the person you’ve always been. Don’t change because it’s the trend or because you feel you have to. Change if you genuinely want to. Change in small ways throughout the whole year so that you can see the accumulation of those changes for the better on the first day of 2018.

Work on happiness. Work on appreciating what you already have. Put down the damn phone and talk to the people who are with you. Work on the little things so that you can really see yourself improving over the year. 

The only New Years Resolution I will endorse is this: try to become a person who doesn’t need to make new years resolutions because you’re already too busy trying to become the best version of yourself.

Also, stop getting shit haircuts. 


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