“World” Presidential Election

I don’t think there’s a person in the First World that hasn’t been totally fixated on the US Presidential Election for the last week. It’s been everywhere, and with good reason. It’s undeniably very, very interesting. Trump is the president… of AMERICA. He isn’t (although you’d think he was considering everyone’s passionate opinion) the president of the World. He’s not our President (Shout out to Michael D for holding it down). He is the president of another country.
Despite this key point, we all seem to be a little over involved in the whole affair. Yes I know America has a huge impact on the world and yes I know Trump has said some brutal, brutal shit about a number of groups and issues, but the people of America are entitled to choose whoever they see fit as their Commander-in-Chief. None of us non-Americans have any right to abuse them for it. We did not vote, we do not get an opinion on their election. It was not our call to make.

We do however, get to be annoyed and outraged and disgusted when, whatever Trump decides to do affects the rest of the world negatively . That hasn’t happened yet, it may not happen. For all we know Trump’s bigotry was a marketing ploy to get some serious publicity (and it worked). 

Abusing a nation for who they decided to choose is similar to trying to tell a woman what to do with her body, or telling two people they can’t be married because they are of the same-sex. It’s a similar line of thought. It’s similar because it implies ‘what we don’t like or understand, is wrong‘. 

I’m not condoning Trump as a person in any way, I think he’s barely human. However, it is unfair to ridicule an entire nation, because they had to choose someone, and they decided to go with who they decided to go with. 

The American people had a job to do, a very tough job, and they pulled it off. It may not be pretty, or safe, or even sane, but they made a call that was only their call to make. We have no right to tell them otherwise.

What I’m trying to say is, we don’t have a leg to stand on (yet) when it comes to complaining and angrily berating the American people on who they chose as their President. However, when shit hits the fan, when he undoubtedly begins to try and ruin the party for the whole world, then we have genuine cause to weigh in.

But for now, it confuses me why Irish people are talking about Trump like we’re a part of the United States. That’s just ridiculous.


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