Losing Sucks

Being competitive has it’s ups and downs. Anyone who has a competitive edge, will agree with that. In one sense being competitive makes everything a little more exciting and worthwhile. In another, when you don’t win, it feels like the whole world just ended.
Being competitive is completely an egotistical thing, but it’s so much more positive than it is negative. Being competitive basically means you want to be the best, whether that’s being the best version of yourself or being the best at a sport, job etc. It’s like a constant, long-lasting internal motivation. If you play a sport, you compete with yourself to play better than you did the last time, and you compete with the other team because you wanna be better. It’s selfish, it’s arrogant but it’s awesome.
Unfortunately it also means that if you don’t come out on top, you’re gonna be super upset and annoyed, probably throw a tantrum or two. The harsh reality is that no matter how competitive you are, there are always people who are just naturally gonna be better than you at something, or have more hunger to beat their opponent (i.e. You lol). So when you lose, you really feel like shit. 
The silver lining is that when you do lose, it motivates the competitor inside to come back next time and do better. It’s like a constant cycle. You lose, you get angry, you work harder and you try again. You win, you want to win again, you work harder and you try again.  
Either way though, losing f**king sucks.


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