If the Bank’s Closed So Am I

Seeing as it’s a bank holiday weekend, I’m not gonna over do this with a huge piece on some idea. I’ll keep it short so everyone can go back to drinking. Throwing up another poem that I found that I thought was kinda cool (if not a bit trippy):


In that place

It’s impossible to tell which way

Is up or down

Backwards or forwards

Everything is tainted right and wrong

At the same time.

You can’t breathe there

But you don’t need to

Or is it don’t want to?

You aren’t giving up,

But just accepting cold fate.

Not knowing which way is right,

You slip into nothingness.

Everyone has a role to play

And so,

Some of us are destined for sadness.

Creepy right? Have a good Halloween y’all.

**Also, I’m opening up the blog to everyone. Anyone who wants to write something and get it posted up here just message me. There might be nobody, but if there is, hit me up son!**


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