Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop blaming the universe for bad things that happen, it’s not against you. Hey, maybe it is. Maybe the whole universe is trying to stop you from doing you. So what? That only means that the fucking UNIVERSE is afraid of your potential, is afraid of what you can become, right? Next time you feel the whole world is trying to hold you down, smile back and give it the finger. I can’t remember who said this to me, but they said, “When people start hating you for no reason, then you know you’re doing something right”. It’s probably one of the truest things I’ve ever heard. So instead of feeling bad because someone started hating you because of who you are and what you do, how about smile and know you’re going the right way. (I’ll note here that if EVERYBODY hates you then you’re definitely moving the wrong way).

See, Self-pity is by far the worst form of disrespect you can pay yourself. Self-pity is telling yourself you’re not good enough. How is that helpful? In a world where people are gonna talk shit about you for trying to be happy, why do we feel the need to join the mob and and attack ourselves too? Like life isn’t hard enough already? Be in your own corner at least. Stop telling yourself your worthless and start believing that you’re good enough, like so many other people already believe about you.

Wake up. Wake up right now. One day, (Sooner than you’d hope) the ride’s gonna end and everyone will get off. You don’t want to get off that rollercoaster and regret not throwing up your hands and screaming. Nah, you wanna be able to say you had as much fun as you could. You’ll regret not going for it, whatever IT may be.

It seems so obvious, yet it’s so hard to admit to yourself. Just stop feeling sorry for yourself, and go prove that negative voice in the back of your head wrong.

**Note to reader: This will definitely be way more bad-ass if you throw on some inspirational music and pretend someone like Al-Pacino or Samuel Jackson is belting this out. I mean, you don’t have to do that, but it’d be funny**


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