You Have 1 New Voice Message

My laptop won’t turn on so I can’t actually post what I intended to post, so here I am, winging it as always.
The quote above is from Rick and Morty. It’s this really funny cartoon (I recommend you watch it for reals) that’s usually just ridiculous but every now and then it hits home with that truth.

An existential epiphany if you will. See, the way I see it, you have two vague paths that you can travel down I suppose. The first is that you can trust that everything happens for a reason and that your whole life is gonna roll out the way it’s supposed to, regardless of what you think you might be changing. The second is more along the lines of Rick and Morty. Everything that happens is the definition of random, and nothing really has any true meaning, besides the meaning we assign to random crap.

At this point you’re probably thinking ‘Why are you writing this negative bullshit?‘, and I get that. This is one of those topics that we’re all aware of but choose to ignore because it makes us all uncomfortable. The way I see it though, that second path, that path is really liberating. It’s like a free pass. 

Hey man, nothing you say or do really has any meaning in the long game so just keep doing you’.

That’s the universe talking to you in the second path, real message. How crazy is that right?

Seriously though, if that second option is how things actually are, then the only thing that benefits from anything you do is YOU. Therefore you have an obligation to keep yourself happy because that’s the only relative meaning you can draw from this giant bag of chaos.

Always look out for number 1.


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