It’s Just A Game Anyway

A reoccurring theme on this here blog of mine is me continually asking (or freaking out about), ‘What am I gonna do next? What am I gonna do next with my life?’. The longer it goes on unanswered, the more I realise it’s just not my turn at the moment, it’s someone else’s time to make a move.
See, if you look at this big, chaotic mess we call reality as a game, it all gets a little easier to handle. Now let’s say my move has just ended; I rolled the dice, passed go, got the money and all that good stuff but it’s over, for now anyway. It’s someone else’s chance to make the most out of their go. Which leaves me time to relax, reflect, and plan my next move.

Other people may seem to be a lot better at the game than you. I wouldn’t worry about that though. Some have been playing a lot longer and know how to work it. Others, who should be at the same point as you but are miles ahead, probably just got lucky or have some sort of natural advantage in one aspect of the game. Don’t worry about that either, the game finds a way to level out the playing field over time.

What’s ironic is that, when the game is over, no matter how well you did in it, whether you got all the money or were counted out early, everyone ends up in the exact same spot at the finish. It’s like that Italian proverb ‘At the end of the game, the King and the Pawn go back in the same box’. Whatever. You get the idea.

What I’m trying to say is that, maybe every now and again, we can tend to take life a little too seriously. I mean, what if it literally is a game. Like, what if we’re all programmed in ‘extras‘ in GTA 6 or something? If life is actually a game, and games are created to be fun, why the fuck are we all running around stressed out of our minds most of the time? Maybe we should try enjoy it all a little more and let the game run its course? The best thing about games is that, yeah okay there might be some bad stuff that goes on in the middle but, they usually all work out pretty well in the end.

Just something to think about.


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