We’ve Got It Pretty Easy

It’s 2016. I’m at home, relaxed, just back from meeting a few friends at the pub. It was a good night. I have work tomorrow and a bed to sleep in. Life is pretty damn good. And yet, a lot of the time I feel like there’s something in my life that’s so bad that it’s worth complaining about, or being sad over.

Just wanna note that I’m totally against people who ignore their problems because they feel that ‘somebody somewhere has it worse’. That’s total bullshit. Pain is relative to the situation, so just because you live in the first world doesn’t mean you’re not allowed have problems.

But there have been problems in our modern world that are so much worse than anything that we’re going through now. The Holocaust for example. It happened to people like you and me for no other reason than they were different to what was deemed ‘acceptable’.

Closer to home though; as in, right here in Ireland. In the generation above us (Our parents etc.), countless people were molested and raped by members of the clergy (Catholic Church). Just imagine having to grow up after that? That was reality for so many people yet I seem to find myself complaining that I have nothing to do on my days off? I can’t be the only one either. 

I think we all need a reality check. Yeah, sometimes things get bad and we definitely have to deal with that. But our generation tends to over exaggerate how bad things are; for the most part we all have food, clothes, shelter and wifi. We live until like 85 years old. We need to stop making a big deal about the little things and start enjoying whatever it is that we have.

To be blunt, we have it so fucking easy. No war (directly, at least), very little poverty, and a shit tonne of activities to do (did we just build bunk beds?!). Our main concern is that we don’t get paid enough? Fuck me like, we’re not even humble about how good life is! 

Starting tomorrow, let’s all take a pay cut and be thankful life expectancy isn’t 37, like it was back in the 1200s.


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