Summertime Sadness

To all you Lana Del Rey fans this, unfortunately, is not a tribute to her songwriting abilities. This has more to do with something I’m sure we’ve all felt at one point or another.

You go on holidays, to a festival, inter-railing, a J1, varsities, a camp; anything that isn’t your normal life. You meet some amazing people, make life long friends and you find yourself never wanting to leave the place you current reside in. You’re straight up happy. But then, the day comes when you have to jump on a plane back to real life.

Now you’re home. It all ended as quickly as it started and you start to feel really down, because normal life just doesn’t seem as good as it was before your trip. If you’re anything like me, you get anxiety because you’re afraid you’ll never see the people who made your trip away so good ever again. It’s part of life, but it’s a really shit part. You’re left with a sort of emptiness that you can’t really explain while simultaneously feeling pretty silly for feeling that way.

Let’s be honest though. It’s not the place you were that you’re missing or is making you feel lonely. It’s 100% the people that were so briefly a major part of your life and are now gone. It’s weird how quickly people bond over a common interest. It makes it all the more difficult when your trip ends and you, and the rest of the people you met along the way, retreat to the corners of the world from which they came.

Of course the feeling doesn’t last. With each day that passes it gets easier as you settle back into routine. You still wish that brief period hadn’t ended, but you accept that it had to.

Just wanted to write about this coz I experienced it a bit lately. Probably will again next week after Indie (music festival!). So if you see me, all hugs are, and will be, accepted.

Stay woke.

Update: Just back from Indie and I’m absolutely #Rekt but we traveled strong.


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