Alright, alright, so it happened. The United Kingdom left Europe. The mad bastards actually went and did it. As annoyingly British as it is to be arrogant enough to actually think they’re better off alone, I’m actually impressed that they stuck to their word. And I know there is so many catastrophic implications for Europe and Ireland in particular (none of which anyone can specially describe by the way).
But there are so many worse things than Brexit. For Christ’s sake we spent the better part of 500 years trying to get rid of the English from Ireland yet here we are, totally freaked about getting them out of Europe. Can we all lighten up and maybe consider we’re better off without them?

Let’s not get into that. The main thing is that there are worse things that could happen. Off the top of the dome, Zombie Apocalypse. That’d be way more shit. Nobody would even realise the UK bunked if half their friends turned into the brain-eating undead. See, things could be worse.

Other than non-realistic-potential-futures, there’s plenty of things worse than the Brexit happening right now. Although not exhaustive these include, crazy racists shooting people in America, ISIS, the Ziba virus, working in retail at Christmas, stepping on lego, overpopulation, hangovers, the leaving cert, Dumbledore’s death, WORKING IN RETAIL AT CHRISTMAS etc. The daily struggle is bad enough already without having to worry about what Britain are up to! I mean I’m sorry but I’ve got my own shit to worry about England, I don’t have time to try and understand why you think you’re better off without Europe.

I’m officially declaring Britain the Taylor Swift of Europe. It made a big drama about breaking up with us so they’re basically the same.

So with that in mind, sit back, crack a can, and watch Europe crumble due to one country thinking it was better than the rest.

(Credit Brian P with the hashtag, wonderful stuff.)


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