Why God is Real But Irrelevant 

So it’s been like two weeks since my last post. There’s a couple of reasons for this. For one, last weekend I was in Barcelona and there wasn’t a hope in hell I was settling down to write on Sunday morning. The main reason though, is that writers’ block is a bitch. I had nothing worth talking about so I just didn’t talk. In the last few weeks however, there’s been a lot of messed up happenings in the world. With yet another mass shooting in the States and the continuing rioting across France, it seems only obvious that this is the perfect time to talk about our lord and saviour JC. 

Hah no. I’m not gonna go all Christian on you right now. In fact, in times such as these, where there’s so much f**ked up things going on it becomes glaringly obvious that, even if the big G-O-D does exist, he either doesn’t care or is just incapable of it.

It’s easy to understand why so many of the new generation (God-damn millennials) are identifying as atheist. God hasn’t existed in the world for thousands of years and when he did apparently turn up, the details are dodgy at best and suggest alien interaction rather than a creator paying a visit. To me, the idea of a god interacting with us makes no sense.

So there’s two types of people these days. There’s the traditional closed mindedness of organised religion that won’t even consider that god might not exist, and then there’s the equally closed minded atheist view point who won’t consider that God might exist. Of course there’s the people in between, who aren’t sure of either and are equally terrified of both views.

I was this in between-ish person until I stumbled upon Deism. Ah deism, the simple belief that allows science to lead the way while still leaving a possibility for some creative force. Not a new belief at all, it’s been around for ages, but it finally cuts the oh so obvious sexual tension that exists between science religion. Basically deism is the belief that, although something might have created the universe, it can’t in any way interact with it. We are left to our own devices, and there’s no possible way ‘God’ can intervene. The Gods of old are simply aliens that were way more bad-ass then us and there’s not a chance any God is gonna swoop down and save us (even if it wants to). So it finally allows religion to cosy up with science in bed and allow logic to dictate the world while leaving the possibility of a God existing outside of our universe.

That might seem scary as f**k but it’s also kinda cool to think we’re completely in charge of what happens to us. I’d prefer that over being told something was controlling the way things are happening.

Tune in next week for a very light-hearted discussion of the impending Apocalypse and how it’s all your fault (lol jk you’re great).


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