Today, I’m staring down the very last week of college. It feels like I finished secondary school only last year, so you’ll excuse me if I’m absolutely terrified at how fast three years has gone by. Still, as things come to a close, it’s hard to not look back over everything that’s happened up until now.

Remember days spent outside and you weren’t allowed home until dinner was ready? Playing soccer for hours with ‘the lads’ on a green, in some field, or anywhere flat. Hanging out with girls but NEVER talking to them. Getting killed for having grass-stains all over your pants. Heading to the shop with three euro and coming back with a ridiculous amount of sweets. Jumping on hay-bails being followed immediately by a chase from an angry farmer. Getting chased by cows and crawling under electric fences. Ringing the mother and asking if you can stay out half an hour longer. Moving from place to place to continue the same conversation. Days when Iphones didn’t exist and we had to talk to each other. Fires on the beach. Going swimming at night time and swearing that it’s ‘actually warm’. First shifts. First girlfriends. Slowly realizing that tracksuit pants aren’t acceptable for every occasion.

The day a sport became life. The wins, the losses, and the best games of you ever played. Countless life-long friends. Friends who didn’t make it. People you wish were still around but aren’t. The fucking Leaving Cert. First cars. The nights-out. Aggressive amounts of alcohol. The best nights none of us can remember. The heart-break. The hangovers; and bragging that you never get them even though you’re clearly goosed. The slow realization of exactly what you did the night before. College: learning everything important about life OUTSIDE of lectures. Session after session after session. Overall, completely winging it.

Yeah, that’s pretty much life so far. Weird to think about how fast it all goes by. Puts everything in perspective, really. The journey to right now has been a random one; lots of ups and downs. Nice to be able to say you made it this far right?

Now we just gotta keep on swimming.


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