Imagine if You Actually Made it Though?

This post is kind of a continuation of what I was talking about last time. Looking back, I never even questioned whether going to college or not was the right move. Everyone else was doing it so I did it too. Now, I’m about to finish this degree and all that I’ve learned is that I don’t want a career in this field. I’ve listened to a lot of Alan Watts’ lecture lately (I’ll link the good one!) and his stuff is really interesting. What would I do if money wasn’t a problem? I wouldn’t do something meaningless for average money. I’d be a writer or a coach or try to make a difference in people’s lives just because everyone’s a winner then. I feel like I’m criticizing the education system a lot lately but the problem isn’t with education it’s with the priorities we place as most important in life. Finding our true calling is now less important than it is to make money and for that reason most of us don’t attempt to chase that dream, whatever we find thrilling or meaningful or worth it. Instead we work in jobs we hate for small amounts of paper that society has given meaning to. The craziest part of all is that this seems perfectly fine for most of us! Maybe I don’t understand it all yet or maybe I’m just naive, (or maybe I’m just a crazy person with too much free time) but to me the average-ness of this life isn’t good enough, not just for me but for everybody. We all deserve to do whatever it is that makes us feel like we have a purpose.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying nobody is doing what they love. Jesus I hope more people are than I realize. But what I’m saying here isn’t for those lucky few. I’m talking about the people who always ‘wish’ they could do this or do that. Just go do it. Literally just start right now, whatever it is. I mean I wanted to write so I started writing. Once you start everything feels better. Just stop making excuses and go start. That first step is the hardest, and even if it doesn’t work out, at least in thirty years you can look back and say you tried rather than have some big ridiculous regret. Plus how insane would it be to actually make it?

Easier said than done, but it really is as simple as going and starting.

**Disclaimer: Easy doesn’t equal simple, they different fam.



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