Prepare to be Underwhelmed

So now I’m faced with the task of making  a meaningful, ever-lasting first post. To be honest, this can only be disappointing for everybody involved. There’s a lot of pressure, the stakes are high. Is it worth it? Probably not.

What I will say here though is that it took quite a bit of self-convincing (Yes I did have a chat with myself) to even start this blog. You know the usual crap ‘nobody will like it’ ‘Everyone will laugh at me’ ‘Where are my pants?!’ You get the picture. It was only when I realized that I hate nearly everyone (JK, you guys are cool), and that the last time I cared about what people thought of me was when I got sick on the floor of a Lidl when I was 13, that I decided to start this little en-devour. So with that in mind, this ‘blog’ will be mostly about how I feel things are and how they should be, with a touch of lifestyle in here and I’m certain there’ll be a page devoted to superheroes. I mean, it would be weird if there wasn’t, right?

Someone has to be the villain after all.


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